Basic Car Cleaning - Armor All Wipes Car Interior Cleaning & Protectant

Submitted by admin on Sat, 11/10/2018 - 22:45

I have been using this for basic plastic and vinyl protection in both my 2012 Toyota Prius and 2016 Nissan Frontier, seems to be working.


I use to used the spray and I strangely prefer the wipes more, mostly because it's easy to use and the smell isn't as strong. Base on the reviews on Amazon, people don't like this because the wipes aren't wet enough or it's not like the spray.

When I do the cleaning I normally use two wipes per side of my car, depending on how dirty it is , it can be 3, so about 4 to 6 for cleaner and protectant each.

If I use the spray the smell can be a little strong, so the wipes work for me. I normally try to wipe over a big area to prevent the streaks that people are talking about. Initially each wipe, when you start with it, will be more wet and as you wipe it will go dry, so the trick here, at least for me, is to start your initial wipe over a wide area and so you can spread out the streaks and then come back to clean it up as it dries.

Doing this about once a month has kept the interior of both cars in pretty good condition and it's tough to want to change this, since relatively the price is pretty cheap and the wipes make the job easier to do.